In working with you or your child, I provide:

  • A holistic, client-centered approach
  • Training for parents of children with ADHD
  • A personalized approach based on my clients’ strengths, assets, abilities and interests
  • Effective time management and organizational skills and systems
  • Helpful study skills and academic improvement strategies
  • Innovative ways of harnessing creative potential
  • Practical mindfulness and present-focused awareness exercises
  • Behavioral strategies that are positive and goal oriented


I use a targeted and systematic approach in my work with individuals and families. I combine proven coaching techniques with theoretical models of learning and evidence-based approaches from other disciplines such as positive psychology, social learning theory, cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, mindfulness and reward-based behavioral modification methods.

Yes, that all sounds like a mouthful—but it works.

What it comes down to is this: through a strategic application of these theories and techniques, I help children and families build routines, structures, and systems to assist in habituating themselves to helpful behaviors. They practice these skills within a safe and supportive environment (i.e., with me, within the context of coaching), and then over time, once they begin to see the benefits of these changes for themselves, they gradually expand their efforts out into other more challenging settings (school, friends, family, etc.).

At the same time they build confidence and self-esteem by learning how their minds work and using them in creative, innovative and successful ways. When people become mindful about their actions and take personal responsibility for their choices, it empowers them to shift away from the victim mentality and into the resilient mindset of successful people. They learn to stop and think about their choices before acting and to not give in to their emotional states. They learn how acting based on their values rather than their moods brings a sense of personal power into any situation.

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