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Every parent needs a little extra help sometimes. Raising children with ADHD can be rewarding and challenging.

Whether your child is struggling behaviorally, academically, or socially, I work with you to uncover hidden strengths and at the same time implement strategies to get your child back on track.


Children need encouragement, support, and guidance. Growing up with ADHD can be difficult behaviorally and academically.

I help parents confront these daily challenges, and find new ways to stay calm, reduce stress, and help you child break through any barriers to success. Let’s work together to help turn things around for your child.


Balancing emotional ups and downs, socializing with friends, and doing well in school can be challenging at times. Not to mention preparing for college and doing well on your exams.

I help teens and young adults learn effective organizational methods, study skills, and how to become their own best advocate. Let’s work together to accomplish your goals.


Are you just starting out in college or already in college? Have you found yourself struggling with pressures to perform academically and socially – No worries… I can help.

I work with students to develop new study skills, get accommodations (when needed), resist unhealthy social pressures, achieve academic goals, and be accountable for your choices. Let’s work together to make sure your/your child’s college experience is a great one.


Feeling overwhelmed? Are you underperforming at work? Having time management issues? Are you overly critical with yourself or doing things that get in the way of your own success?

I help adults and entrepreneurs to become more successful financially and socially. I help you leverage your abilities, become clear about your goals, create a personalized plan for success, and most of all help you reach new levels of productivity and efficiency.


Recent Client Testimonials

“I was so happy to find Aaron to guide me on how to support my son better and deal with his learning challenges and ADHD. He was patient and very responsive. He went over and above when working with me to make sure that all of my questions were answered. He sent me articles, resources, and other kinds of information for me.”
Mother, of a Grade School Student
“I felt I had a support system as I was trying to figure out the best next steps for my son. Aaron had the sensitivity, patience and understanding to listen and offer careful advice and feedback. I would highly recommend Aaron Smith for any family struggling and facing the challenges of ADHD. Thank you SO much for all of the wonderful guidance, help and support you gave to our family.”
Mother, of a Grade School Student
“One of the nice things that I think went on during my son’s coaching sessions was how receptive you were to my concerns…. There have certainly been ups and downs to date, but I would say I see a 75% improvement over last year. Overall, a success in my book.”
Mother, of a College Student


Hi, I’m Aaron Smith, PWR’s founder. My own struggles and accomplishments (including a Masters in Social Work from Columbia University) prompted my desire to help others with ADHD.

Today we face a critical shortage of support for those with ADHD and their caregivers. Children, teens, adults and their families are struggling, too often unsuccessfully, to find ways to cope. If you’re reading this, you are probably among them or know someone who is.

My approach is two-pronged, providing both emotional support and concrete, evidence-based success strategies. It is deeply rooted in the belief that ADHD is not a “deficit” or a “disorder” but a positive attribute with its own blend of challenges (reframed as learning opportunities) and wonderful upsides. I firmly believe that every person with ADHD has extraordinary potential, and my aim is to help them reach it.

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